Feb 24, 2018

Last Minute Home Prep Tips to Ensure Your Open House Is a Winner

By Suzie Wilson with HappierHome.net

Last-Minute Home Prep Tips to Ensure Your Open House Is a Winner

The prep involved in getting your home ready to be sold can be massive. Homeowners can spend months making minor to major renovations to improve the overall value of their home. There comes a point, however, when you just have to wipe your hands and be done with it. When you are ready to sell, all that is left is staging your home. Preparing for an open house is a fairly simple process if you know what you’re doing. Here’s how to make the best impression you can.

Set the mood

There’s no reason that an open house has to feel sterile and univiting. With a couple of flourishes, you can make people feel at home in your home (or their future home!). One good tip is to make sure some soft music is playing on every floor of the home. Another way to make a home inviting is to offer snacks and refreshments. Baking is a great choice, as it adds a pleasant aroma to accompany the food. Here are some great sweet treat recipes that are sure to make your home smell amazing.

Flower power

It only takes a few minutes to adorn your home with fresh flowers, and this small touch will add an incredible amount of last-minute appeal. Flowers are not only pretty to look at and fragrant, but on a deeper level, flowers signify freshness, cleanliness, and comfort. A home with fresh flowers all around just screams comfort. If you don’t want to spend too much money, one staging expert suggests placing fresh flowers in the foyer and on the living room coffee table, if nothing else.

Light it up

Few things put a potential home buyer off more than dimly lit spaces. It’s nearly impossible to showcase a home’s potential if it’s not well lit. Tackle this in two ways. First, open up the curtains. Let all the natural light in that you can. Second, make sure that every room (and closet) has adequate lighting. Replace your light bulbs. Think about adding a floor lamp to any dim rooms. Of course, with all that light, you’re going to need to make sure everything is super-duper clean.

Smell is everything

Though it’s not ideal, most people looking at your home will be able to forgive a misplaced item here or there, or a scuff on the wall. If your yard isn’t perfectly manicured, they may be able to overlook it. But if your home has a foul (or even just bizarre) odor, it’s most likely game over. Candles and air fresheners can be good options, but you have to be careful as some people are averse to artificial scents. A simple, clean deodorizing may be all you want to do. Here are some options for natural methods to freshen up your home’s scent.  

Say goodbye to your dog (for a little while)

Though most people love dogs, most potential home buyers don’t really want to interact with your dog on open house day. In fact, most home buyers don’t want to be reminded of the fact that they are buying a home that was once inhabited by a dog (or a few dogs). It’s best to just get your dog out of the house for the day. Arranging your dog to be boarded is one good option. Or, you can take your dog on a hike or over to a friend’s house for some playtime. You don’t really want to be hanging around your house on open house day anyway.

Think of staging your home for an open house like putting on makeup or jewelry. The base attractiveness is already there; all you’re doing is making some surface-level improvements to make your home seem more inviting, clean, and comfortable for a short period of time. Don’t stress. Just think about what you would want a home you were thinking about buying to look and smell like.

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

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