Feb 27, 2016

Preparing Your Home to Sell

By Julie Bentley

You’ve finally made the decision to sell your home, now what?  How much time and money do you put into getting your home ready to sell so you get a good return on your investment?  Here are some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck while preparing your home to sell.


1. Curb appeal.  Your front yard and front door are the first things buyers will see as they come to look at your home.  With a little elbow grease and a few dollars you can really make a statement that draws buyers in the front door.  Most front doors can be painted with 2 tubs of test paint from Home Depot or Lowes!

2. Clean everything.  A clean home shows that it has been well cared for and is most likely in good repair.  A messy or dirty home will draw attention to every flaw.  Remember to clean up after pets as well.  You never want a perspective buyer to have to avoid droppings.                                                                                                           

3. De-clutter.  The fewer things there are in a room the more open it will feel.


4. De-personalize.  As surprising as it sounds having pictures of your family on display is not always helpful.  Family pictures make it feel like it’s your home and perspective buyers have a more difficult time seeing their family there.  Keeping things simple helps buyers invision their own decor in your home, making them more likely to make an offer.

5. Fix, replace or get rid of things.  Plumbing, light bulbs, electrical systems and switches, windows, screens, doors, etc.  If it can’t be fixed or replaced, get rid of it (no window screens are better than broken ones).  A buyer will make a much lower offer if they see the house is in disrepair and still insist that everything be fixed.



6. Light it up.  Open the drapes, blinds and shades, put brighter bulbs in the lights and add lamps if necessary.  Light makes rooms feel larger and more inviting.

7. Staging.  Nothing improves the look of a home faster and for a lower cost than a fresh coat of paint.  Stick to neutral colors and paint your trim to create a two tone look for the greatest impact.  After that, add little pops of color with artwork, vases, lamps or throw pillows to make the space more inviting.  Consider freshening up the air by spraying pure citrus oil in your vents before a showing.  Did you know refinishing your hardwood floors is an easy dyi?  Simply sand the floor (most home improvement stores will rent professional sanders for very little money) then apply a few coats of varnish.   


8. Consider professional photographs.  Larger homes or challenging lighting or paint can make showing your home in the best light difficult.  A professional photographer will bring in extra lighting and has equipment that helps pictures of your home look as great as your home looks in person.

Next to pricing your home, staging your home is the most important step in selling your home.  Your home will sell faster and bring in a higher price if it shows well.  Remember- you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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