Feb 27, 2016

Staging On A Shoestring

By Julie Bentley

So you need a little color in your life, but dont' want to spend hundreds of dollars to do it?  Here are a few tips from an interior designer to add color to your life without going in the red.

  • Wrap the top of a shoebox with wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or fabric and hang on the wall.
  • Buy an old frame from a second hand store, paint it white or black (or any color you like) and "frame" paper or fabric (this looks best when there is glass in the frame).  

  • Decopage scrapbook paper onto a canvas frame (better yet, find old paintings at a second hand store and re-purpose those!).
  • Take old glass bottles (soak bottles in hot soapy water to remove any lables), wash and wipe down with rubbing alcohol.  Hot glue words, hearts, flowers, etc. onto the side and spray paint a bright color.


  • Buy old clear glass vases at a second hand store, wash thouroughly and wipe down with rubbing alcohol.  Add paint with a little bit of water and swirl it around until the entire inside is coated.  Let dry upsidedown on old newspaper.

  • Second hand stores and garage sales are great places to find artwork- you just need to see the possibilites.  Spray painting a frame and adding a bright contrasting color can dramatically change the look of what initially looks like a drab piece.  Also try hanging the artwork with bright fabric or ribbon that is tied into a knot and stapled to the back of the frame.

  • Find a glass bowl or serving platter, fill it with dirt and plant succulants for an easy to care for centerpiece.

  • Decopage scrapbook paper onto your light switch plate.


  • Spray paint pots and fill with brightly colored flowers to add dimension and draw people's interest to your front porch.


  • Dip coffee filters into food coloring mixed with water, let dry and hot glue them to a foam wreath for a fun pop of color on your door. 


  • Add a chair rail and some white paint to lighten up old paneling.  


  • Take a thrift store tray or basket and spray paint a bright color to use in staging.

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