Dec 7, 2016

Top Design Trends of 2016

By Julie Bentley

      Top Design Trends of 2016

Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or just looking to make some updates you may be wondering what the top design trends of 2016 may be.  Here are a few.

1. Solid surface flooring

Whether you choose hardwood floors, engineered flooring or high end laminate, solid surface flooring has become more and more popular over the years.  While carpet is still found in bedrooms, it’s become more common to see some type of solid surface flooring throughout the home, especially in high traffic areas due to the durability and ease in cleaning these products.  Many floors can be installed by yourself and can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.  If you’re lucky enough to have hardwood under your carpet, you can rent a sander and refinish your floors for under $500!  That’s a great return on your investment.

2. Open floorplan

While home sizes are decreasing, common areas and open floorplans are becoming more popular.  As people are living longer families are getting larger as aging parents come to live with their kids.  Open floorplans offer more light throughout the home.  That in addition to open lines of sight make your home feel larger without having to add more square footage.

3. Master on the main level

More and more floorplans are calling for a master on the main level.  As baby boomers prepare to retire and downsize (or upgrade) they are looking for homes that offer main level living (master, kitchen and laundry on the main floor).  Another trend is to have a 2nd master bedroom for aging parents to move into.

4. Kitchen

The trend of huge kitchens with oversized appliances has transitioned to a smaller, open floorplan with standard sized appliances.  Islands have grown in popularity, especially those with a prep sink to provide space for the family to work together to prepare meals.  And yes, white (or light) is still on trend.

5. Smart homes

From changing the heat or air conditioning to turning on/off lights to seeing who is at your door from your phone whether you are home or away, smart home gadgets have increased in popularity over the past few years.  Their added convenience and safety features as well as a lower price point have made them more common not only in new construction but in existing homes as well.  With more and more millennials looking to buy homes, this is a trend that will most likely continue. 

6. Big closets

You don’t always have the space in your current home to have big closets, but you can always make a smaller closet feel roomier with a good organization kit.  Utilizing space that is typically unused to store off-season wear or items that are not regularly used is a great way to free up room and make your closet feel larger.  This is another possible diy project that won’t break the bank.

7. Barn doors

The popularity of sliding barn doors has only increased over the past couple of years.  From pantries to closets to flexible living areas, a barn door is a great way to define a space while adding interest to any room.

Not every upgrade will generate the highest return on investment and most won’t see more than a 70% return so don’t break the bank hoping that you will sell your home for a lot more.  That being said, many people wait until they are getting their home ready to sell to make the changes and updates that they would have loved to have while living there.  If there are changes you want to make, do some research and spend your money wisely.  Updates can not only make living in your home more enjoyable, they just may help you find your buyer quicker.


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