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No Risk Guarantee

                                                                          ​How Our No Risk Guarantee Works

60 Minutes or 5 Bucks

One of the biggest complaints Clients have about their Realtors is that they can’t get a call back.  Or that it takes forever for their Agent to return calls.  It’s like being put on permanent “hold”, and who wants that?  So at Bridgeway we promise to pick up our phone when it rings so you don’t have to leave a message.  And if we can’t do that then we’ll return your call within 60 minutes.  And if we don’t do that then we owe you $5 the next time we see you.  Plain and simple. 

By the same token all of us are human and nobody can work 24/7.  All of us need some rest and rejuvenation.  I commit to returning your call within 60 minutes Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM.  I will take and/or return your calls in the evenings as quickly as possible, however I take Sundays off to spend with my family.  If I am unable to take calls for any reason I will leave an updated message on my cell phone telling you what parts of the day when I won’t be able to receive or return calls.  If you call during those time frames you’ll know in advance when your call will be returned.  Other than those exceptions, if you call us, we’ll call you back…in 60 minutes or less. 

You Can Call The Boss at Home

Bridgeway is the only Real Estate Company whose Broker actually calls all the Clients.  Most Brokers feel that they’re too busy and it’s not their job to deal with Clients.  Not our Broker.  She personally calls all of our Clients and thanks them for their business.  She wants to know how their transaction is going and if there’s anything else we can do for them.  And she gives them her personal cell phone and home phone numbers so they can reach her if things don’t go well.  We’ll bet that if you’ve ever done another real estate transaction you didn’t even have the home phone of your Agent, let alone the Broker.  You probably didn’t even know who the Broker was.  But now that you’re dealing with Bridgeway you’ll know The Boss and can call her anytime.  

It’s Your Satisfaction or My Commission   

Another big complaint Clients have is that an Agent who does a bad job gets paid just as much as an Agent who does a good job.  And let’s face it, once the papers are signed a lot of Agents just coast to the close.  Well, not here.  You’ll be given an opportunity at the close of escrow to tell our broker how happy you were with us.  If you are not happy because of failure on the part of our Agent, then that Agent loses part of his commission.  We think the Agent ought to have just as much skin in this game as you do.

Meet Our Easy Exit Listing Agreement  

One of the biggest worries Sellers have is signing a Listing Agreement and then finding out they chose the wrong agent.   And they worry with good reason.  Once that Agreement is signed the Sellers are locked in for the entire listing period.  We don’t think that should be the case.  No Realtor can control the market or the Buyers – whether the home sells or not is dependent on a lot of things that are out of the hands of the Seller or the Agent – but we sure can control how we market the home.  We will lay out our complete Marketing Plan, and then we’ll follow that plan.  If we don’t do what we told you we’d do just let us know in writing what you’re unhappy about.  The Agent will have 2 business days to remedy the situation.  If he doesn’t then you can ask for your listing back.  And we’ll give it to you.  It’s as simple as that.  The only caveat is that if the home sells in the following 12 months to anyone who saw the home during our Listing Period, or became aware of the home through our marketing efforts, then we are due our full commission at the close of that escrow.

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